Look Up!

Posted by Pam Beam on Tue, May, 04, 2010 @ 09:05 AM

By:  Pam Beam, Director of Sales

You know your Mom always said, "look up" so you know where you're going and you don't run into anything!  Well, there is another reason to "LOOK UP." It's to make more money! During a recent business trip, I was asked by one of NOVA’s rep groups to share ideas that I talk about during sales meetings with dealers. I was speaking to different dealers and wanted to share with them who NOVA's customers are and sources for potential customers.  I said, "All you have to do is LOOK UP!"

As you drive to and from appointments, logging all those boring miles day after day, when you're not talking or texting, you need to  "LOOK UP." When you do, you just might see your next big NOVA sale!  All those big, tall buildings (and some not so tall) with major corporate names splashed across the top are homes to companies — believe it or not.  Insurance companies, utilities, medical services, software, internet companies, government entities, international call centers...Verizon, Cell One, AT&T, Google, Yahoo, and on and on.

They all have training rooms to train the bodies.  They all need faster, more efficient, multi-use facilities to improve their results and make more money!  Before they invest in a new chair (no offense) they will invest in areas that will make them more money.  That investment will be in training people!  In today's economy people are reinventing themselves through training.  A corporate executive may become a network administrator or an administrative assistant may become a dental hygienist — who knows?

Colleges across the nation are at full enrollment with two-year waiting lists (not enough room for the bodies again). They need to get more people in more efficient classrooms and they have the money to spend. Tennessee just received $500 million and Delaware $100 million from the federal government as part of the "Race To the Top" program.  Government funds will continue to be awarded to different states in the coming months. Don't you want your piece of the pie? I know I do!

So next time you're driving ...and you all do. It is in your job description to  "LOOK UP."  You just might land that next BIG DEAL!

DISCLAIMER: Neither NOVA Solutions nor myself will be held liable for any accidents that might occur from the result of this article.  :)

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