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Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, May, 07, 2010 @ 09:05 AM

NOVA Facebook pageQuestions regarding the value of Social Network Marketing are changing.

I used to get asked things like:  "Isn't that Facebook thing just for the kids?"; "Are you wasting your time on Twitter again?"; or "Twitter?  What's that?"

Just over the last six months those questions have dramatically changed to things like:  "How we can use this Facebook thing to our advantage?"; "Can we get a Facebook page up and running today?"; "What shall we tweet about today?";  and "How do we generate interesting content for our Social Marketing Networks?"

NOVA Solutions has been involved with Social Network Marketing for almost a year now and it is amazing to me how much it has evolved over the last few months.  We continue to post things such as new photos, trade show info, new products (desks, workstations, lecterns, etc) that we have introduced, product announcements, and more.  I think of it as our 24 hour customer service contact that is networked with our web site, newsletter, blogs, and email.  SNM really rounds out our online presence like never before. 

What was once considered a passing fad is now very much a part of our overall marketing strategy.

Yes, there are still those who doubt the long term viability of the social media.  But the facts seem to support the idea that SNM is going to be around a long time.

Check out the cool video below for a look at some amazing statistics.


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