New Video Features NOVALInked Workstations

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, May, 24, 2010 @ 14:05 PM

CalU NOVALinked ClassroomAs I mentioned in a previous post, thanks to our friends at California University of Pennsylvania, we were able to get some great photos and shoot some awesome video of their Keystone 400 classroom featuring NOVALinked™.

So what is NOVALinked?  Imagine you are an instructor of a class that requires some computer research and some non-computer related activities (okay, that's about any class, I know) and you want to control when your students can access the computer.  With NOVALinked and NOVA's Trolley E-Class monitor lift systems, you simply push a button, and like magic, all the computer displays in the room rise from beneath the desk tops.  When it's time for non-computer activities, simply press another button and all the displays descend under the work surface neatly locked away in The Trolley's self-contained housing.  It's that simple.

Lets say part of the class needs computer access and part of the class is using a traditional printed text book.  No problem.  Just allow "local" control of The Trolley's to each student and those that need the computer simply push the up button on their Trolley and presto, the monitor rises to the challenge.  Those that don't need the computer, can individually place The Trolley in it's down position and hide the monitor beneath the desktop.

The NOVALinked system works with most major brand controllers from Crestron, Extron, AMX, etc.  It requires a small box, called a Linking Control Interface (LCI) at each workstation and one Control System Interface (for every 30 LCI's) that can be located almost anywhere in the room.  It's all connected with standard CAT5 cables.

The best way to see how it works is to watch the NOVALinked video available on our website or on YouTube.

You can also check out some great still photos of the CalU classroom in our photo gallery.

More info about NOVALinked, The Trolley, or our other products are just a click away.


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