Today’s Classroom is the Result of Changing Technology

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Oct, 25, 2010 @ 11:10 AM

Technology has transformed the classroom and our schools — as it has nearly every aspect of our lives.

The EDUCAUSE report, “Learning Environments:  Where Space, Technology, and Culture Converge,” describes technology as “the proverbial game-changer” — change that is coming at lightening speed.

The first Apple computer was introduced in 1976.  The first modem was invented in 1977.  The World Wide Web was made available to the public in 1991.  The U.S. Department of Education created the Office of Educational Technology in 1994.  The first NetDay, in 1996, wired participating schools so they could connect to the Internet.  E-rate, in 1997, helped schools obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet services.

Once a single computer in the school library, technology has become an integral part of every educational space.  The demand for more and better technology comes from both the school and the student.  The addition of computers, networks, projectors, interactive whiteboards and other multi-media equipment has brought about a transformation in the physical spaces devoted to instruction.


• 88% of public school districts report that technology is a priority for the district administration

• 83% of public school districts report that teachers are interested in using technology in classroom instruction

• 97% of teachers have one or more computers located in the classroom everyday

• 93% of computers in the classroom every day have Internet access

Students (Digital Natives)

• 87% of teens use email

• 60% of teens own a desktop or laptop computer

• 75% of teens have cell phones

• 93% of teens use the Internet


• Traditional classroom configurations, with teachers acting as ‘sage-on-the-stage,’ have been transformed into studio classrooms with teachers acting as facilitators and students working individually or in groups. 

Check out some of NOVA’s Collaboration designs.

• Furniture design has changed to accommodate new technologies and new teaching and learning styles.  Furniture has become lightweight, moveable and able to be easily reconfigured to accommodate individuals and/or large or small groups.  Connectivity and power are often integrated into the table surface. 

From NOVA’s iMod to The Trolley monitor lift with NOVALinked™ capability, we continue to stay on the cutting edge of demand in Today’s classroom.

• Special attention is paid to light and daylight, zoning lighting to enhance projection and prevent glare.

• Wireless networks are supplemented with hard-wired outlets for high-bandwidth multimedia applications

• Other space needs include access to power, conduits to handle future growth, support structures and mounts for equipment, special attention to sight lines and areas to store and secure costly equipment. 

All of these challenges are solved by NOVA’s complete line of technology integrated solutions.


Portions of this blog were reprinted from School/College Planning & Management magazine’s Quick Facts publication, December 2010.

Sources include:  Technology Counts 2010 (Education Week); Learning Environments:  Where Space, Technology, and Culture Converge (EDUCAUSE); Pew Research Center on Internet and Technology.

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