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Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Jan, 12, 2011 @ 11:01 AM

The next time you’re in a relatively crowded public place, such as a restaurant or an airport, take a look around at people using their smart phones, iPads, Kindles, laptops, etc. You’ll see people with their heads down, texting, browsing the web, using a new application, playing some new game, or any number of activities. But, they all have one thing in common. They’re all looking down! That’s right. You’ll never see anyone, looking straight ahead, with arms outstretched, holding their phones directly in front of themselves. That’s just not comfortable, not mention a little silly looking. Why? — Because it’s not natural. Our bodies have a natural position for viewing close work — and it’s NOT straight-ahead and three feet away.

Yet, these same folks will go back to their offices or homes, pull up to their desk and stare straight ahead at their computer screens. By the end of the day, they’re likely to experience neck, back and shoulder pain; eyestrain; dry eyes; and perhaps even carpal tunnel syndrome, simply from forcing their body into an unnatural position for extended periods of time.

“Natural” is the basis behind NOVA’s Downview monitor placement Visual Display Option. The computer screen is placed at an approximate 35-degree downward angle under the work surface. Users view their screens through a tinted-tempered glass viewport. It truly is the body’s natural way of viewing close objects. A natural position leads to less muscle strain and stress — and ultimately less pain.

NOVA has conducted considerable research over the years to prove that the Downward Gaze angle (with proper posture, positioning, and seating adjustment) is truly a healthier alternative for most computer users. Check out the Ergonomics section of our website for more information and the scientific data to back it up.

The next time you’re reading a book, texting, or using your iPad — take note of how your body is positioned. It’s likely you will automatically choose a natural, Downward Gaze angle. Carry that natural viewing angle through to your desktop computer and start enjoying a healthier, less stressful way to work.

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