Desktop vs. Mobile Computing: Solutions for the Classroom

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Jul, 22, 2011 @ 13:07 PM

Towson University, Liberal Arts CollegeUsing technology in the classroom can transform the learning environment from a static, teacher based education model to a vibrant, engaged and dynamic environment focused on student collaboration and interaction. But getting the technology into the hands of students often proves problematic. All the cords, sign out sheets and instructional time lost to handing out and setting up computers along with the complex nature of many institutions process for signing up for equipment turns many a professor and teacher off to turning technology on.

But there is a solution. Choosing to install classroom computer desks with monitor lifts from NOVA Solutions takes away the hassle of computer carts and computer labs by placing computers directly into student desks and tables. When classroom curriculum calls for technology to enhance and add to learning, computers pop up right out of the desks or tables right where students need them.

Take Back the Power
Today's students have grown up in the digital age. They expect to use technology for everything from their social life to work to school. In their lives, there is an app for everything they do. While technology in smart phones, notebooks and computers certainly enhances education in a number of ways, it can also distract in a classroom environment.

Teachers who regularly use computer labs or mobile carts can attest to the challenges they face from off task computer use. Students in labs or using mobile carts face the temptation of checking email or Facebook during instruction, while waiting for other students to catch up or while the instructor troubleshoots technology problems.

However, classroom computer desks with monitor lifts makes students' off task behavior much more difficult to hide. The peer pressure on students increases tremendously when raising a computer out of a desk to check email becomes conspicuous. 

Engaging Classroom
More and more, teachers and professors at every level must find ways to incorporate technology into instruction. The 21st century classroom demands students prepare to find and evaluate information critically, use powerful Web 2.0 mediums effectively, and engage with an interconnected world of scholars. Integrating classroom computer desks with monitor lifts makes bringing technology into the classroom so much easier. Instead of working around the lack of technology, students will have the opportunity to work with technology to further their education.

Innovative Designs
NOVA Solutions has found innovative ways to bring technology within reach of students and professors. Institutions can select from several designs incorporating classroom computer desks with monitor lifts. These include the Trolley™ systems with monitors that lift directly out of the desk and keyboards that slide out from under the desk. Schools could also choose the Downview™ system with tilted monitors and keyboards under a glass view screen on the desk allowing for a multi modal workspace for students. NOVA Solutions also carries a wide variety of technology enhanced lecterns, tables, library and office equipment, and retrofitting options.

Put the power of technology back into the classroom and bring your students into the 21st century with our computer solutions.


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