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Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Sep, 19, 2011 @ 10:09 AM

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Is the age of “wonder” over?  I mean, is there really a need to wonder about anything anymore?  I was watching TV the other night and I just couldn’t figure out the actor’s name.  Time was, when I would have just shrugged it off, knowing that someday (probably at 2 o’clock in the morning) that actor’s name would magically pop into my head.  Instead, I pulled out my smart phone and “googled” it.  In seconds, not only did I have the actor’s name, I had a complete bio, a list or all of their dramatic work, where they grew up and what they were working on next — all in the palm of my hand.  No more wondering!

The same scenario is true when I ask myself, “How do I ________?”  The answer is generally a Google search away and I’m no longer wondering about whether I can do this project myself or if I need to call a professional.

This all may seem trivial as it relates to actor’s name’s or my next home improvement project.  But it reminded me how we can’t afford to let our customers “wonder” about things for very long.  After all, our competition knows about Google too.

I think potential customers can be intimidated by a of lot furniture and technology industry terms and jargon, to the point that it might delay their purchase decision or make them shy away completely.  Certainly, if one company is better at providing the answers when they need them, that company will surely win the customer’s trust and loyalty.  Now that most answers to the most nagging questions are quite clear, and readily available 24/7, we can’t afford not to anticipate what our customers might ask at any given moment.

At NOVA Solutions, we strive to provide customers with as much information as possible, at their fingertips.  We offer helpful sections on our website such as The Photo Gallery so you can see your product and what others have done before you buy.  We offer a complete array of information in our Download Center, including installation instructions and “how to” videos.  We even have a Google-like search box on our home page!  And, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we offer a direct line of communication to our furniture professionals, either via email or phone. 

But sometimes, even that is not enough, as we can’t anticipate every customer’s need (our crystal ball is a little foggy sometimes).  That’s why we rely so heavily on customer feedback and try to turn those “how do I ______?” questions into sharing opportunities for all of our customers.

A situation a few weeks ago, reminded me how important it is for our customers to ask questions and “wonder” about things.  One of our customers was having problems installing a new microchip in one of our Trolley monitor lifts.  Within a few minutes, we were able to provide a step-by-step video and a PDF document that explained the process.  We knew if one customer were having trouble, there would be others, so the information was quickly posted in our Download Center and our YouTube channel.  We know we were able to help at least one customer through the process and hopefully many others who might have found the information directly on our website or perhaps by Googling us..

In short, we don’t want to keep our customers wondering for very long.  But, we also need to know what their wondering about and what they’re searching for on Google.  So, keep the questions coming.  It forces us to come up with great answers and product improvements — and then everyone benefits.

The only thing we want our customers to wonder about (or Google about) is: “Why did it take so long for me to become a NOVA Solutions’ customer?”

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