NOVA Classrooms at Towson University Attract Attention

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Dec, 05, 2011 @ 08:12 AM

Towson University ClassroomMy most recent stop on my ongoing video/photo tour was a return to Towson University located in Towson, Maryland.  This beautiful campus is home to more than 21,000 students.

We had visited them in April 2011 to grab some footage and photos of their NOVA classrooms in their School of Nursing and the College of Liberal Arts.  This time around, we returned to the College of Liberal Arts to take a peek at a couple of new classrooms that include the NOVALinked™ system.

We met with Kris Phillips, Director of Planning at Towson and talked with him about the various challenges the college faced when determining the technology furniture needs of their new classrooms.  He had seen NOVA at a trade show (NeoCon East 2010) a year ago and knew immediately that The Trolley E-Class monitor lifts coupled with NOVALinked was "The Right Solution" for Towson.

Phillips also revealed that the NOVA classrooms are more than just functional.  They really do attract attention from the student body, staff, faculty, and the community.  The new College of Liberal Arts building at Towson recently opened and has played host to many tours by those associated with the college as well as members of the community.  He said the NOVA classrooms are always a stop along the tour because they show that Towson is committed to providing the latest technology to their students.

Phillips had an interesting "take" on our usual "selling points."  We tend to focus so much on the functionality and benefits for our users (students and instructors) we tend to forget about the far reaching impression that a high-tech NOVA classroom can have.  When prospective students visit a school with their parents and they see that Towson has made a significant investment in the tools students need to utilize today's technology, it gets noticed. Additionally, community members tend to be more supportive of institutions who can show a visible result of their investment in new technologies.  Seeing a room full of NOVA Trolley monitor lifts automatically raise or lower into the work surface of each student desk is an impressive sight — one that is sure to attract attention and be remembered.

For more information on our NOVA classrooms at Towson University, check out the video below.

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