Easily Add Technology to Classroom Furniture

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Dec, 30, 2011 @ 08:12 AM

Old School DeskThe days of sitting in one of those old metal desk/chair combo classroom furniture icons of the 50's are all but over.  Today's classroom requires a different kind of furniture that is adaptable to today's (and tomorrow's) technology, durable for the long haul, economical for tight budgets, and most of all — conducive to today's teaching methods and learning styles.

NOVA Solutions has been manufacturing technology enhanced furniture for working and learning environments for a couple of decades now.  So we think we've got a pretty good handle on how to incorporate technology (computers and such) into the classroom via quality furniture that meets educational criteria and exceeds user expectations.

Here's how simple it is to add technology to one of our classroom desks.

  1. Choose your desk(s):  Simply thumb through the Computer-based Training Section of our catalog and select a desk or table that's right for your classroom.
  2. Choose the size desk(s) you need:  Consider the types of students that might utilize the furniture, the size of the room, and what tasks the students will be expected to perform while seated at their desk.  Our classroom furniture desks include depths of 24" and 30" with widths ranging from 30" to 48" for single users.  If you want to put two students at one desk, we can offer a 71" wide, double-user unit.  You can lay all of this out in our handy Space Planner tool.  It's free!
  3. Choose your work surface:  NOVA's Computer-based Training classroom furniture desks come standard with durable 1" thick tops with flat edge banding on all sides.  You have the option to upgrade to a high-pressure, post form top.  Post form, means the top is rounded on the approach side and the user side of the desk.  Some people compare this to a bullnose edge you might find on a kitchen countertop.
  4. Choose the end panel design:  If you like our standard straight end panel design, you're all set.  If you'd like to add a curve to it, what we call a contoured end panel, it's a simple upgrade.
  5. Choose your Visual Display Option:  Okay, this is the fun part.  This is where you get to add the technology function that will fit your classroom's needs.  You can choose between monitor lifts (a.k.a. The Trolley) for flat panel displays up to 21" (diagonal) or you might prefer the Downview for standard size flat panels or widescreens.  We even offer an arm that positions your computer display just above the work surface.  This prevents someone from accidentally bumping the computer monitor and sending it crashing to the floor.
  6. Choose any Essential Accessories:  Keep in mind, desks ordered within the Computer-based Training section already come with a wire management system and a power strip included.  We even throw in our Total Access™ removable modesty panel for easy networking by your IT folks.  Some of our desks also offer an enclosed wiring compartment we call the iMod. You can check 'em out on our website.  But, in addition, you'll find tons of other accessories like grommets, organizer drawers, data ports, etc., available in our catalog.
Oh yeah, you'll also want to let us know what colors you like.  You can choose from twenty different standard laminate colors and several metal colors to complement your decor.Modern NOVA Classroom

It's time to bring the classroom into the 21st century and that means updating classroom furniture is essential.  Our highly dedicated sales representatives and customer support personnel will be happy to help you with any questions you might have.  And be sure to check out the various web links within this post to get more info on NOVA's unique, technology friendly products.

We know picking the right furniture can be challenging.  Let us alleviate some of your fears.  Just download our Top Ten Customer Solutions page and breathe easy that you're making the right decision.

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