Classroom lecterns have come a long way

Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, Jan, 17, 2012 @ 08:01 AM

A/V LecternOnce upon a time, lecterns in the classroom consisted of a small pedestal large enough to hold a few sheets of paper or a text book.  They were simply utilitarian, made to serve one purpose — assist the speaker.  Lecterns as classroom furniture have come a long way.  They still serve to assist the speaker, but in a much broader sense.  In this blog, we'll take a look at some of the new innovations included in today's typical classroom lectern.

At NOVA, we have designed lecterns to serve today's technology enhanced classrooms, training rooms, lecture halls, convention centers, etc.  Anywhere there is an instructor, teacher, speaker, or lecturer is an ideal place for a NOVA lectern that can be enchanced with the latest technology.  In fact, we now call them A/V Lecterns (A/V = Audio/Visual) because these tried and true furniture icons of the classroom do so much more than just hold a book.

Before we get into the bells and whistles, lets take a look at the foundation — the lectern itself.  As with all of our furniture products, our lecterns are constructed with precision, computer controlled tools to ensure perfection with every product that comes down the assembly line.  We offer standing height (41") or seated height (30") or even adjustable height (ranging from 30" to 41").  All of our lecterns feature locking doors with 155 degree hinges.  This allows the doors to open wide and provides easier access to the various compartments underneath.  Wireways and grommets are included for hassle-free management of cables and cords.

We offer a few different styles of A/V lecterns.  Our most popular ones include; a standard square top, a top with raised sides around the work surface (we call them privacy sides), and a lectern with a curved top and bottom surface to add a little style to the room.

And now to the bells and whistles.  The thing that makes NOVA's lecterns unique is the ability to incorporate computer technology right into the unit itself.  We offer Visual Display Options, such as The Trolley™ monitor lift, which raises and lowers the display with the touch of a button; The Downview™ allowing you to see the computer screen beneath the work surface through a glass viewport; or a Surface Mount Arm for securing the computer display right to the lectern's desktop.

Additionally, NOVA offers a variety of options to meet the needs of teachers and students alike.  These include:

    • Rack Rails that allow for easy installation of rack mount electronics equipment such as DVD/Blu-Ray players, audio equipment, computer equipment, CPU's, and more
    • Heavy duty casters for easier mobility
    • Flip-up shelf for document cameras, projectors, laptops, etc.  
    • Pull-out drawer for secure electronics equipment storage (available on select models)
    • Rack rail mountable drawer
    • Rack rail mountable shelves
    • Removable console for including controllers such as Crestron, Extron, and AMX
    • Ventilation fan to keep equipment cool
    • Ten different door/drawer pull options available
    • Two different work surface edge details available
    • Twenty standard laminate colors to choose from
    • Six standard metal colors available
    • Ability to provide custom laminate and metal colors
    • Removable modesty panels (laminate or perforated metal) for easy equipment set-up

A "loaded" A/V lectern gives the instructor/teacher/speaker complete control of the room.  Using one of the major brand controllers allows for control of the lights, the window blinds, audio, video, and even access to the students' computer screens using NOVALinked™ and The Trolley E-Class monitor lift.

Today's A/V Lectern literally serves as the command center for the classroom!  Lecterns have become so unique and so technology-enhanced, referring to them as a piece of furniture doesn't seem to do them justice anymore.  

Find out more about our A/V Lecterns by following the links in this blog post or by giving us a call at 800-730-6682.  We'll be glad to help you customize an A/V Lectern that fits your needs, your budget, and does more than just hold a book.


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