A/V Lecterns: What is an RU?

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Jan, 18, 2012 @ 08:01 AM

Okay, perhaps this is a bit of an obscure topic, but hopefully it will clear up some commonly asked questions when it comes to our A/V Lectern line of products.

Not to be confused with text lingo as in, "How R U?"  When talking about A/V furniture, many people ask, "What is an RU?" and like you, they're probably thinking "and why should I care?"  

Quite simply RU, sometimes referred to simply as U, stands for Rack Unit.  We currentlyrack mount example include Rack Rails inside all of our A/V Lecterns.  Rack rails are vertical metal strips (if you will) with a series of holes through them.  They're used for rack-mount electronics equipment.  Rack-mount equipment usually includes a bracket on each side of the unit (say a DVD player).  The brackets are then bolted to the Rack Rail for a sturdy and secure way of "stacking" equipment.  You might have seen this system used in your company's server room or wherever there is a need for high-end electronics equipment, like the sound booth at a radio or TV station, or at a concert.

The width of rack-mount equipment is usually 19" or 23".  The height of rack-mount equipment is usually measured in RUs (or Us).  The size of a piece of rack-mounted equipment is frequently described as a number in "U". For example, one rack unit is often referred to as "1U", 2 rack units as "2U" and so on. One U equals 1.75" in height (44.45 mm).  

You will notice in the A/V Lectern section of our catalog, we list how many RUs are available in each rack rail compartment.  They range from 10 RU to 28 RU depending on the size of the unit.  So if you purchase a 10 RU A/V Lectern, and your rack-mount electronics equipment is listed as 2U, you'll be able to fit up to five of them into the rack rail compartment.

NOVA also sells various options that can be mounted on the rack rails.  These include a 2RU drawer, a 2RU shelf, and a 1RU sliding shelf.  You'll find them in the back of the A/V Lectern section of our catalog.

And here's a bit of information that will amaze your friends.  An RU (1.75") is equivalent to a vershok, an obsolete Russian measurement.  Although I'd avoid spouting this bit of trivia on a first date, unless he/she is Russian.

For more information about NOVA's A/V Lecterns, check out our website or give us a call at 1-800-730-6682.

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