How do I convert my old NOVA CRT desk into a flat panel desk?

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, Feb, 02, 2012 @ 08:02 AM

How do I convert my old NOVA CRT desk into a flat panel desk?  This is a customer support question we get from time to time.  If you're asking it, you already know this has to do with our Downview™ products.

Flat Panel Arm Downview DeskDesks, lecterns, study carrels, tables, etc, that feature the NOVA Downview™ visual display option, allows your computer screen to be recessed under the desktop and viewed at an ergonomically beneficial angle, through a tinted, tempered glass viewport.

When NOVA first started selling these types of units, everyone used a (what we now consider to be old-fashioned) CRT monitor.  These big, cumbersome, TV set-like monitors were heavy, sucked electricity freely, heated quite rapidly and were a bit hard on the eyes.

I know some of you are thinking, does anyone still use these things?  Well, actually yes.  In fact, we occasionally still sell CRT Downview™ desks for some applications.  But, like the dinosaurs, they are quickly becoming extinct and replaced by flat panel displays of varying sizes and lighter weights, that boast energy efficiency and high definition graphics.

So, if you have an existing Downview™ style NOVA desk and you are converting to a flat panel display, have no fear — a solution is here!  in fact, more than one solution actually.

Flat Panel Adapter

First, the easy fix.  If you have a NOVA desk with an existing CRT monitor carriage underneath and you want to easily convert it to a flat panel "rack" without using any tools, simply purchase one of our Flat Panel Adapters (AC-FA4018 or AC-FA4021).  Slip it over the edge of the existing CRT rack, remove the base from your flat panel display, and place the display into the "cradle." Voilà, you're done.


Flat Panel Arm

Another solution is to purchase one of our Flat Panel Arms (FPA-8-2006) that mounts underneath the desktop with six screws.  They're easy to install and provide a variety of adjustments to place your flat panel display in just the right position.  They come with installation instructions and a mounting template.  Remove the stand from your flat panel display, select the correct size VESA mounting plate — usually 75mm or 100mm (both sizes included with the flat panel arm), attach it to the back of your monitor and then connect the arm (with the flat panel display attached) to the rest of the flat panel arm.  Adjust as necessary.  

So, just because your old CRT monitor is becoming extinct, doesn't mean your NOVA furniture has to. You still get the same ergonomic benefits from the Downview™ flat panel display solution as you would from a big CRT computer screen.

For more information about conversion options, call us at 1-800-730-6682 or download our catalog.

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P.S.  NOVA also offers a Surface Mount Arm for flat panels.  You'll find it in our catalog as well.

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