Classroom Software and Hardware Tools Let Teachers Take Control

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Apr, 13, 2012 @ 10:04 AM

Written by:  Lauren Moffett (Guest Blogger)

NOVA ClassroomTechnology in the classroom has come a long way, not only for the students, but for their teachers, as well. A vast array of products can now be found to aid a teacher in their struggle to keep students interested. Teachers are opting for more control in their classrooms by embracing these new advances and are seeing a difference in their students' ability to retain information, resulting in a higher level of success in the classroom. Teachers will no longer feel as though their classrooms are being controlled by the technologies meant to be helping their students; they, themselves, now have many options to choose from in the fight for their students' attention and success.

As previously mentioned, new classrooms are being filled with technology geared towards keeping students engaged and interested, but, with computers, laptops, and tablets at their fingertips, young people find it hard to stay focused and teachers are suffering the consequences; internet browsing, online games, and various social media have become a means to pass the time and to tie-up any attention needed to succeed. Products like MyVision by Netop, and The Trolley E-Class and NOVALinked by NOVA can alleviate that issue.

With the use of MyVision, when the respective student and teacher versions of the software are installed into the correct computers, a teacher can now view the desktop of every student’s computer in his/her classroom on their own, central computer. This means that, not only can a teacher see if their students are on track, but they can also see if someone is in need of help or has a question. This program allows a teacher to simply watch over their students without worry of missing anyone or losing attention. Straight from the Netop website: "MyVision Free classroom management software lets you view each screen in class from your own display. You can look at your students' screens side-by-side, as thumbnails, or expand them individually for more detail. As soon as you see someone getting confused or distracted, you can bring them quickly back on task." Anyone can see how valuable a tool this would be in the modern classroom.

Another way that teachers are vying for control in their respective classrooms is through the Trolley E-Class. Teachers and students alike praise the Trolley, NOVA’s solution to a student’s wandering attentions, for its innovative way to free-up desk space. This product not only works as a dual workstation (that of a computer desk and a working space) but also is a way for teachers to restrain students from wandering off topic. When the classroom is no longer in need of the computers, with the use of NOVALinked, a networking system that links every trolley together, with just one press of a button, a teacher can retract all of their students’ computers into a hidden position. Say goodbye to distraction, and hello to success.

As one can see, with the help of such revolutionary products such as MyVision by Netop or The Trolley E-Class and NOVALinked from NOVA, teachers are choosing these new technologies that encourage control in their classrooms and are creating environments with qualities optimal for success.

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