Computer Training: Is Your Equipment Up To The Job?

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Jun, 01, 2012 @ 06:06 AM

Training FurnitureWhen you're planning computer training for your workplace or using computers in a school setting, furniture and equipment play a central role in creating an effective, high-performance learning environment.

While trainers are generally not free to redesign the physical space of the room or building, new furnishings can provide a solution. Well-designed furniture can be economically, quickly and easily used to convert an old static space into a dynamic learning environment. This type of exciting furniture design optimizes: 

  • Productivity, focus and health: The right furniture integrates seamlessly with technology  and creates physical comfort so that workers or students can remain focused and comfortable for hours. The latest ergonomic studies are used to design adjustable desks, tables, lecterns and other pieces of furniture that truly fit the human body, accommodating variations in size and style. Practical, useful and comfortable furniture must have flexibility to adapt to the widest range of body types, ages and different ideas of comfort. 
  • Direction and control: The best furnishings allow the class facilitator, trainer, instructor, professor or teacher to control all technology in the room. It also enables the class or group to interact with one another and the instructor in a variety of configurations. Furniture should be easily and quickly configurable to support collaboration within and among varying group sizes.
  • Various teaching and learning styles: The ideal furniture accommodates the ever-evolving art and science of computer training. Today, more than ever, furnishings must facilitate and augment a dynamic, interactive learning environment. Furnishings well-suited for business or classroom environments must be adaptable to most any type of work activity—all that and provide a place to hide the cords.

At NOVA Solutions, we're committed to helping you furnish an area that facilitates learning. Contact us to see the many ways that you can creatively and affordably adapt your space. 

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