Create Flexible Classroom & Office Spaces with Trolley Monitor Lifts

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, May, 24, 2012 @ 06:05 AM

Trolley Monitor Lifts Create Flexible Classroom SpacesWhile computers are arguably indispensable resources in both the office and the classroom, there are times when having a clear work space is more important. This is particularly true in educational settings when the curriculum is a mix of conventional textbook learning and interactive software-based lessons. Trolley monitor lifts allow educators and business managers to create flexible classroom and office spaces for students and workers.

The concept is simple: A retractable flat-screen monitor is built into the desk so you can easily hide or display it. Each monitor can be controlled by the user. The instructor, meanwhile, has the ability to implement a networking system that links all of the desktops.

Trolley monitor lifts offer flexibility that allows you to:

  • Simultaneously control all the monitors in a room or have users bring them up and down individually.
  • Create a space that serves as both a conference/instructional room and a communal work area.
  • Maximize efficiency by providing multiple-use environments.
  • Implement more effective group video conferencing in an office setting.
  • Make presentations more effective and interactive.

Benefits to business owners

Office spaces are shrinking in America. The average U.S. worker will have less than 100 square feet of office space in the next five years, compared with about 225 square feet in 2010 and 176 square feet in 2012. This means that businesses need to be smarter about their furniture choices to make the most efficient use of space.

Despite the smaller footprint per worker, communal office space is actually increasing, partly because of a trend to encourage more teamwork and group projects. A communal space with the flexibility to quickly have no monitors or many monitors around the table can greatly benefit businesses that are embracing this model.

Benefits to instructors

Trolley monitor lifts significantly expand the possibilities for interactive curricula at any educational level. New interactive textbooks are released every day; tests and quizzes can be administered with immediate feedback; and animated presentations are much more engaging and informative than static images in a textbook.

Even without fancy software programs, having a screen in front of every student has advantages. Presenting new material on the monitor, rather than on a chalkboard or screen at the front of the classroom, ensures that every student can see and read the lesson. Each student has the opportunity to move at his own pace, increasing the likelihood that new concepts will be understood and absorbed.

Much like the trend toward shrinking office space, schools are becoming more densely packed as the population grows. Trolley monitor lifts allow administrators to create multiple-use areas to maximize the limited space available. Adopting software-based curricula also reduces the amount of storage space required for textbooks.

There is no doubt that computers are already a necessity for both business and education. With trolley monitor lifts, office and classroom furniture is finally catching up to new work space requirements.

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