A Classroom Technology Fab 5 List

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, Jun, 21, 2012 @ 08:06 AM

best classroom furniture Technology in the classroom has gone well beyond the days of overhead projectors and slide shows. Today's students are growing up in a high-tech world, and they need classroom technology to match. There is no doubt that classroom technology has benefits for both students and teachers. Take a look at these fab five classroom technologies:

  • Electronic textbooks - Students get the benefit of lightweight devices with interactive and dynamic lessons, while schools no longer have to maintain storage space for hundreds of books that need to be updated every few years.
  • Integrated desktop computers - Providing students with consistent access to computers at their own desks increases the range of possibilities -- from lesson plans to electronic tests. Classroom furniture that allows computer screens to go up and down with the click of a button enables teachers to maintain control, while students get the benefit of educational software.
  • Classroom telecommunication - Expand student horizons by integrating outside resources into the classroom with satellite broadcasts, webinars and video conferencing with other classes around the world.
  • Virtual labs - Science lab equipment can be very expensive, but virtual lab programs, such as the University of Colorado's PhET, allow teachers to create simulations in physics, chemistry, earth science and other sciences. 
  • Multimedia presentation tools - Teachers can create PowerPoint presentations that guide students through lessons, both in the classroom and at home. Students can use these same tools to create multimedia presentations as assignments, providing a more engaging way for them to learn new concepts.

Technology in the classroom allows teachers to create lessons that are limited only to the imagination. With integrated desktop computers and other resources, students can do projects such as creating a classroom blog that helps them learn to write and communicate more effectively. Shifting toward virtual lesson plans and electronic textbooks also helps reduce paper consumption, which is good for both school budgets and the environment.

As new devices and teaching styles are introduced, classroom design must also change with the times. Companies such as NOVA Solutions create smart classroom furniture to accommodate new technology in the classroom. Contact us today

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