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Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, Jun, 26, 2012 @ 13:06 PM

getting school grantsGrants in the billions of dollars are awarded to schools every year for uses such as classroom technology upgrades. While these grants are spread far and wide across the K-12 spectrum, they aren’t necessarily distributed evenly. Some schools and districts are repeatedly overrepresented in the share of available money they receive, while others get practically nothing. But what is consistent is the need for technology in the classroom. Present facilities are increasingly rendered obsolete due to the requirement for both new computers and workstations with flexibility and mobility.

Despite disparities in grant awards, you have a great deal more control than you may think.

Several factors influence the outcome of who receives funds and who doesn’t:

  • Count your disadvantaged students: Schools and districts with larger numbers of financially disadvantaged students are both eligible for more grants and statistically more likely to be awarded grants. Make certain you're utilizing accurate methods to quantify the number of disadvantaged students attending your school. Don't be shy about prominently including those figures in the grant proposal and application process.
  • Choose the correct database: No single generic resource of grant information—including Google—is sufficient to provide you with an accurate picture of grants available for educational purposes like upgrading technology in the classroom. Comprehensive databases which focus only on school grants are a more efficient tool for researching available grants than all-purpose sources. These targeted databases liberate you from fruitless searches and free up time for the more important task of applying for grants.  
  • Don't give up: Applying for grants should be an ongoing function within the school, not an annual special occasion. Most schools apply for a few grants during the year and usually don’t get them. Acquiring well-deserved grant money requires year-round persistent, consistent effort in researching and writing grant proposals and applications. The grant money’s out there for upgrading technology in the classroom, even in today's tough economy. Make sure your school gets its share.

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