What's The Value Of Correct Classroom Furniture? Positively Priceless

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Jun, 13, 2012 @ 12:06 PM

value of classroom furnitureClassroom furniture is an integral part of the successful learning experience for students and teachers alike. Comfortable, functional and attractive furnishings designed to integrate and support learning are key to a dynamic learning environment. Finding the perfect furnishings that take into account factors such as size of the people using them, durability and budget can be a tall order, but the payoff is enormous.

Whether you're setting up a learning environment for elementary school children, middle school or high school teens, university students or employees who are being trained for their jobs, the kind of furniture you select is crucial. At the same time, teachers, instructors, professors, training facilitators and school administrators all rely heavily upon their desks, computer tables, shelving and more to do their daily work. 

Incorporating technology

Computer training and education are an essential component of school curricula today. In addition, students and instructors alike rely on computer technology for their information sharing and research. Innovative computer desks are a must when you're equipping a new building or renovating an existing space. Computer furniture must meet ergonomic standards for students and integrate computer screens, keyboards and attendant wiring in a useful, organized, safe and unobtrusive way. Retractable monitors that disappear into the desk top when they're not in use are one example of this type of furnishing. 

Facilitating movement and group learning

Rows of single desks are becoming a thing of the past. Flexible classroom layouts are an established part of contemporary learning environments. Seating arrangements must be adjustable in a number of ways. Most especially, they must accommodate group learning. Solutions such as work tables and modular desk arrangements can work wonders in facilitating a group-learning situation. 

Harmful effects of a neglected learning environment

Student and teacher attitudes and achievement can be greatly affected by the look, feel and functionality of the classroom. Poorly equipped schools can suffer from low teacher morale, high absenteeism and high turnover. Substandard furnishings can hinder the learning experience, interfering with concentration and even affect test scores. It can also lead to physical ailments, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  

On the other hand, studies have long shown that useful, comfortable and attractive furnishings significantly improve both student achievement and teacher satisfaction. Outfitting classrooms with furniture that's adaptable, easy to use, ergonomic and good-looking can lift the spirits of the users and increase the effectiveness of teaching. Properly furnished and equipped learning environments contribute to positive student attitudes, enthusiasm and accomplishment.

Classroom furniture solutions

Choosing just the right classroom furniture can be challenging, with all the choices on the market today. Armed with research into the teaching needs and possible configurations of the classes you're furnishing, the size of the space and the technology required, a superior solution tailored to your unique needs is out there. When in doubt, concentrate on the basic, yet priceless goal of school furniture, a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

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