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Posted by Lauren Moffett on Tue, Oct, 02, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Nova Classroom FurnitureThe classroom has had many revolutions in the last 100 years. What started as the humble one-room schoolhouse of the early 1900’s, the classroom has become a unique space that has no concrete formula. No longer are the days of frontward facing desks, blackboards, and chalk dust; technology and science have revolutionized the way students and teachers interact in schools across the globe. Classrooms have evolved into multi-use, multi-experience rooms that no longer cater to teacher-centered learning. Desks setup for lectures are no longer the norm, as multitasking classroom workstations are becoming more and more popular. Group work and computer labs are more prevalent in the current classroom, as well, and will only become more so as time goes on. The Guardian, an online news source, states that group work is beneficial to students; the classroom of the future showcases this principle. 

Slate magazine published an article about a contest they held to reimagine the American classroom, and the winners submitted a dynamic classroom idea with various settings within the one room. The room is broken into segments that reflect different teaching styles and types of interaction. Group work is done in a cluster of desks, reading in a lounge-like setting, computer-work in a lab section, and lectures are given to students in a line of desks. On a whole, this idea is a great one. The walls are designated for small group interactions, which they call learning teams, and the center functions as a place for presentations and larger activities. The designers, Greg Stack and Natalia Nesmeainova, understand that students need to be engaged in an environment that nurtures their minds and promotes learning that is best for each type of learner, and it shows through their design. Teachers are now the wiser in understanding that students do not all learn neither at the same rate, nor in the same way; this classroom, and classrooms of the future, are now reflecting this understanding. 

With NOVA’s Trolley E-Class, a classroom instantly becomes a multiuse space. As a desk, it works great for lecture times, group work, and general use. NOVA offers many configurations of the desk, as well; desks that are geared specifically for group interaction, and others that transform into multiple configurations for ease of use and spaces that are smaller. As a computer desk, the trolleys also work well for lectures, group work, and general use, but with the added benefit of having access to a computer in no time at all. Simply press the button and instantly the space changes as per need. With limited space in a classroom, the trolley allows one to have the features of a multiuse space, without the excess square footage. 

The classroom of the future is here. Multifunction spaces are becoming the latest trend and are spreading throughout the country in elementary schools and colleges alike. When the classroom becomes a haven for growth, instead of being just seen as a room, students and teachers alike see the difference in attitude, and, ultimately, learning abilities. 

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