The Beauty of a Dual-Use Classroom

Posted by Drew Uth on Tue, Jun, 19, 2012 @ 13:06 PM

In the past, learning environments (re: classrooms and related educational facilities) have been tailored to a specific type of use—computer labs for technology and computing education, classrooms with standard desks for regular classroom instruction, and lecture halls for larger groups. Computer labs were less than ideal for classroom lectures due to the computer equipment consuming necessary desk space as well as inhibiting the line of sight between the student and the teacher.  Conversely, it is obviously impossible to teach with computers in classrooms not so equipped.

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Enter Nova Solutions and its integrated classroom technology furniture, and those hurdles are left behind in exchange for ideal solutions to double the versatility, availability and potential of any room or learning environment.  Utilizing either the Trolley E-Class monitor lifts or the Downview flat panel monitor system, combined with Nova integrated keyboard trays and CPU shelves, the workspace remains clear even with computing technology on-board.  iMod wire management capabilities not only provide users with a clean and neat installation, free from hanging wires to catch their feet or chair legs on, but additionally allow a lockable compartment for wires and cabling that prevent tampering and reduce maintenance and support needs.

Looking more closely, each option provides its own set of unique traits and provisions for a clean and efficient workspace.  For example, the Downview flat panel system provides users with an ergonomically minded desk that places the monitor at a comfortable angle below the desk surface, and is viewed through a pane of tempered, tinted glass.  The work surface is free from the clutter of the monitor and its associated wiring providing a clear workspace for textbooks, note taking and even collaborative work with classmates.

The Nova E-Class Trolley monitor lift system raises the bar even higher.  The trolley raises and lowers the flat panel monitor from within the desk, enabling the user to control their own workstation.  Additionally, with the addition of NovaLinked technology, entire classrooms, board or meeting rooms equipped with E-Class Trolleys can be linked together and controlled as a unit by the teacher or professor.  Utilizing either an existing Audio-Visual control system or one of Nova’s proprietary linking control switch assemblies, all of the linked trolleys can be lifted or raised and subsequently “locked” by the instructor or presenter, enabling management of the equipment as well as classroom distractions for a better controlled learning environment.  Additionally, in meeting/board room environments, monitors can be raised for media based presentations and then lowered for the continuance of the meeting.

Whether you choose the Downview flat panel monitor system or the E-Class Trolley, Nova has your classroom or board room environment covered.  Versatility is the name of the game.

Photo: Nova’s Trolley E-Class provides for increased facility usage and productivity

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