An Office Setting That Works Well Into The Future

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Jul, 30, 2012 @ 09:07 AM

Nova Solutions Downview technologyThe office setting of the future is uncluttered and understated. Functionality coexists with form and technology assists and empowers people. That’s what we see in today’s office and it’s the trend for tomorrow. This less-is-more philosophy is partly sheer necessity: Studies show that over the next five years, available office space will decline to less than 100 square feet for most workers. But people still need a work space that supports their efforts and motivates them -- from the reception area to the corner office to the corporate meeting room. Nova Solutions office furniture features sleek simplicity while offering myriad opportunities for customizing both look and use.

Technology enhancements to Nova Solutions furniture continue this seamless, straightforward theme.

For flat screen monitors, the conventional fixed desktop mounting consumes desk space and contributes a cluttered, clunky feel. Nova’s Trolley Monitor Lift raises the monitor to the conventional desktop viewing position from a hidden position stowed within the desk, at the push of a button. After use, another push of a button stows the monitor and a free and clear desktop returns. The office maintains a trim look and desk productivity is enhanced.

Nova Solutions’ Downview visual display takes technology integration to the next level -- a lower one. The natural position for reading is at a downward, 35-degree angle. That’s not what a conventional flat screen desktop mount offers. It’s more like holding out a book at arm’s length in front of your face and reading. It’s also an open invitation for casual glances by everyone from unauthorized coworkers to curious customers who take a peek at confidential information on your screen.  The Downview visual display mounts the monitor below the desk work surface, covered by a tinted, tempered plate of glass that doubles as usable desk space when the monitor's not in use.  The screen is tilted up at an ergonomic, book-reading angle and visible only to the occupant of the desk. It’s a win-win for both confidentiality and user comfort.

Nova Solutions provides furniture for the office setting of today and tomorrow. Contact us for more information on integrating technology into your working environment.

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