Sound Reasons To Give Downview Display A Look

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, Aug, 09, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Downview displays provide better ergonomics and viewingFew people would voluntarily read a book held straight out in front of them at eye level. It’s an unnatural position and inevitably leads to muscle pain, eye strain and stress. It also distracts from concentration and blocks eye contact with anybody in front, such as a teacher or customer. Yet, that’s just the way students and employees are forced to observe material displayed on a flat-screen computer mounted atop a desk or workstation.

The natural, most ergonomic reading position is a downward, 35-degree angle. That’s the philosophy behind "Downview" displays that position the monitor below the work surface of the desk, angled at a comfortable reading attitude. The view port is covered by thick, tempered glass that doubles as a work surface for writing or other desk functions when the monitor’s not being used. This configuration reclaims desk space lost to permanently installed monitors and converts the desktop into a true multiuse environment. It also secures the monitor in a safe recess where it’s less likely to be damaged or stolen. A more aesthetic, less cluttered look to classrooms and offices results, further inspiring more efficient use of desk space.

The Downview display also enhances privacy. Prying eyes can glimpse material displayed on horizontally mounted flat screens at a glance, whether in the classroom or business environment. In education, this can pose a detriment to both learning and testing. In business, it may actually create serious privacy issues.

Revised HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations require health care providers to take active measures to ensure patient confidentiality. These include securing patient information from casual viewing by bystanders or other unauthorized persons. Nova Solutions' Downview Display Option for technology furniture offers a creative solution for medical professionals and others with the need to display confidential information without risking exposure to unapproved viewing. Retrofit kits are also available to convert existing furniture to the Nova Downview display.

Nova Solutions offers the latest in visual display options for laminate and wood technology furniture in the classroom or professional workplace. Contact us for more information about Downview displays.

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