The Study Carrel: Optimizing This Important Nook For Independent Work

Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, Aug, 07, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Study carrels improve the workspaceStudy carrels date back to 13th-century Westminster Abbey, where they provided an individual place of distraction-free study and contemplation for monks. In today’s classroom or library, the needs of students are similar. Distractions are the stumbling blocks of education and, for students who are particularly susceptible, can prove to be the difference between keeping up with the learning process or falling behind.

Study carrels were once limited to university and graduate programs and were appropriate to the nature of self-guided study at that advanced level. Today, however, they are finding increased application in secondary and elementary education as more individual work is assigned in class. Increasingly, computer technology in classrooms places still more demands for independent study stations. In the midst of a crowded classroom, study carrels can provide students with the individual, semi-enclosed environment necessary to focus on learning.

Classroom study carrels diminish distraction while still leaving control to the teachers to monitor the student’s activities. The objective is enhanced concentration, not isolation or separation from the classroom at large. Library carrels, on the other hand, may have higher side panels to afford more enclosure and greater privacy in an environment that is already designed for quiet seclusion.

Carrels are available in different styles and configuration. You’ll have choices to make about height suitable to the student age group, materials and accessories.  Some carrels are height adjustable and some are designed for more demanding environments with steel panels and frames. Stand-alone carrels can often be expanded into rows with add-on units that connect together. Nova Solutions' library carrels are suitable for library or classroom use and available in age-appropriate heights of 35 or 53 inches. Constructed of laminates of post-industrial materials with a melamine work surface, they are available in 19 color selections with base, work surface and accent options. Models are available as single-sided one-user configuration or as double-side, two-user units. All are expandable with add-on units.

For nearly 25 years, Nova Solutions has provided classroom furniture solutions for the learning environment. Contact us for further information on library and classroom carrels.

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