Six Signs Of An Effective Classroom

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, Aug, 16, 2012 @ 10:08 AM

effective classroomIt's every educator's dream to have an effective classroom, but determining how to get there can be challenging. Teachers, students and parents know it when they see it, but what are the various components that combine to make up an effective classroom? The magic formula may be different for every school, but there are some common factors to strive for.

Knowing what works best is the first step toward improving the learning environment. Look for these six signs of an effective classroom:


  • Classroom furniture: Create a layout that facilitates discussion and interaction. Students should also feel comfortable in adjustable workstations that adapt to their size and shape. If computers are used in the classroom, provide furniture solutions that allow students to effectively use both the computer and the desktop at the same time.
  • Classroom decor: Students should feel connected to the classroom, especially at the elementary school level. Allow students to put their artwork and other projects on the walls. Ask them to create signs and posters that will help them learn more effectively, allowing them to feel empowered in their own education.
  • Teacher interactions: Walk around the classroom to interact with every student. When presenting materials to the class, make sure each student can see and hear, either on a screen at the front of the room or on individual desktop computer stations. A good audio/visual lectern can ensure that teachers have the technological resources they need without distracting students from the lessons at hand.
  • Group projects: Whether it's networked computer terminals or open spaces that allow multiple students to gather, creating an environment where students can effectively work together is essential for a productive classroom. Assign projects that require different group sizes so students can get used to a variety of interactive dynamics.
  • Multiple resources: Students learn in a variety of ways and it's important to provide them with a variety of tools and resources. An effective classroom will have a combination of books, toys, computers, art supplies, plants, scientific displays and other resources to engage students.
  • Warm surroundings: Both students and teachers spend a significant amount of time in the classroom and it's important for them to feel comfortable. Classrooms with an institutional feel will not be as effective as those that feel warm and welcoming. Factors such as the classroom furniture, paint colors, flooring selection and other surroundings will play a role in the overall look and feel of the classroom.


If any of these components of an effective classroom is missing from your teaching environment, work with administrators to implement meaningful changes that will help improve the learning environment. Teachers also benefit from having students who are more engaged and excited about learning.

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