Computer-Based Training: How The Right Furnishings Enhance Learning

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Aug, 13, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

computer-based training is gaining on traditional methods of learningComputer-based training (CBT) utilizes computers as an instructional tool that plays a supporting role to more traditional classroom teaching methods. Computer training facilitates an active learning process. It keeps students involved by consistently requiring action and input: answering a question, clicking on the next topic or backtracking to review earlier material. This ongoing, active student participation differs substantially from the more passive role of learning solely through lectures and textbooks.

The technology of computer training comprises text, images, video and audio. Like video games, it stimulates multiple senses, a technique proven to enhance knowledge retention. CBT curriculum can easily adjust to different learning tendencies by presenting lessons in audio-only, video-only or both.

In traditional classroom methods, the pace of learning is initially set forth by the instructor and then either slowed or accelerated by the pace of the class at large. Computer training, however, is self-paced. Learners advance at their individual speed, repeating material as required for comprehension and retention.

Nova Solutions produces classroom furniture to facilitate and enhance the computer-based training experience. Available in sizes to fit any classroom configuration and in a variety of colors, the units feature high-pressure work surfaces of thermo-fused laminates and each incorporates a wire management system and power strip.

For flat-panel displays, Nova Solutions' CBT furniture options include a standard surface mount arm and The Trolley, a personal monitor arm system. The Trolley raises and lowers the monitor from a stowed position on demand to clear the line of sight between the teacher and student for better personal interaction. Trolley systems at individual stations can be linked to facilitate teacher control of all monitors in the classroom simultaneously.

Nova Solutions' CBT Downview unit places the computer monitor below the work surface at an ergonomically friendly 35-degree angle, approximately the same angle as reading a book. The student sits comfortably and views the screen through a tinted, tempered glass view port, while retaining full view  and interaction with the teacher and classroom. 

Contact Nova Solutions for more information about advanced technology furniture for the 21st-century classroom, teacher and student.

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