Designing The Ultimate Multiuse Training Room

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Aug, 22, 2012 @ 10:08 AM

Uncluttered WorkspaceAny room has multiple uses, but not every room is a legitimate multiuse training room. In the business and educational environments, a multiuse room serves as a conference and seminar room, a presentation venue, a training center and a standard lecture facility. A typical room seats between 25 and 75 people. Seating configurations range from standard theater seating for maximum capacity to classroom-style workstation rows to more interactive, face-to-face arrangements such as a horseshoe layout or clusters of tables and chairs. Accommodations that are generally lightweight and easily rearranged, including Nova Solutions’ line of technology furniture, are the best match for outfitting a multiuse training room.

In this day and age, the multiuse training room must be equipped for all technological contingencies. There’s at least one large-format video screen mounted on the wall with VCR, DVD and PowerPoint capabilities. A fully equipped audio-visual lectern with document camera for projecting written material or graphics is also standard. The room provides Wi-Fi Internet access and, in addition to desktop units, the facility may keep on hand an inventory of laptop or tablet computers for portability within the room.

Flexibility and lightweight are two imperatives for multiuse room furniture. Nova Solution’s lineup of nesting rectangular tables deploy quickly from a space-saving nested position for fast room setup and takedown. Combined with arc tables, horseshoe or circular/oval configurations are easily created.

Nova Solutions computer workstations are all available with visual display options like the Trolley, a motorized personal monitor arm lift that stows the flat screen monitor out of sight inside the workstation. Nova’s Downview technology situates the monitor below the desk surface beneath a plate of tempered glass at an ergonomic 35-degree reading angle. The entire desktop is preserved as an uncluttered work space, yet full computer access is maintained. Nova also provides a choice of stand and sit/stand lecterns pre-wired for clutter-free, full audio-visual capability. The Trolley and Downview Visual Display options are available for all lecterns.

Nova Solutions technology furniture outfits a multiuse training room for any use that matches your corporate or educational needs and environment. Contact us today for more information.

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