Need More Room On Your Desk? Make Your Computer Monitor Disappear

Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, Sep, 04, 2012 @ 09:09 AM

Trolley E Class ProgHave you ever tried to deliver a lecture or training class where you could only see half of the student's or participant's faces? Teaching any subject is difficult to do when the line of sight between you and your class is partially blocked, as it often is by computer monitors. Behind those screens, attention tends to drift and concentration is lost. Of course we cannot do without technology in the classroom, so the engineers at Nova Solutions have developed an innovative computer desk solution. Called The Trolley E-Class, this "smart desk" allows the vital human connection between instructor and student to coexist with classroom visuals and technology. 

The Trolley E-Class integrates technology into the classroom furniture itself. In this ingenious design the computer monitor becomes a seamless part of the desk, disappearing below the surface when not in use. While out of sight, proper ergonomics are maintained by keeping the display out of the way of students' legs and knees under the desk, without crowding. When needed, the display can be raised smoothly and “automatically” from its spot inside the desk.

The “automatic” action of the screen can actually be controlled by the lecturer or trainer, to maintain optimum attention and effectiveness of the lesson. When all classroom Trolleys are networked together with the NOVALinked package, the system allows the instructor remote control of all desks in the class. The instructor is free to set the pace and keep students involved in the lecture by displaying or retracting the monitor as necessary, with just the push of a button.

Nova Solutions provides furniture solutions like the Trolley E-Class and NovaLinked to keep classrooms functioning smoothly. Our comprehensive catalog of higher education products features student and teacher desks, AV lecterns, carrels, work or lab tables and a range of customizable storage options. 

Visit the Nova Solutions product pages to learn more about our furnishing solutions, to get specifications or to request a quote. Contact our main office with any questions you many have or just give a call to your local sales representative.

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