Designing The Right Office Setup

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Aug, 31, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Office SetupThe well thought out office setup is more important than ever as offices become open environments to both employees and clients/customers. There are fewer behind-closed-doors zones where the consequences of inefficient design can be hidden. Poorly functioning office furniture setups wastes time and money and contributes to low company morale. Good setup execution, on the other hand, facilitates new lines of communication, provides differing environments for diverse tasks and makes people feel inspired about being there. Here are some of the guidelines for an office setup that works:

  • Provide enough open space. Don’t over-furnish the premises. Like the silence between notes in a musical composition, the empty spaces between desks and other equipment have a vital role in creating an atmosphere that induces creativity and concentration. In workplaces where workers have to continuously devote thought and effort to  staying out of each other’s way, distraction and annoyance multiply.
  • Let in natural light. Insufficient exposure to outdoor light impacts mood and concentration. It also contributes to stress because the limited wavelengths of artificial light make it harder to perceive detail and perform certain tasks. This leads to eye fatigue and less productivity. 
  • Make provisions for plenty of storage. A storage audit should be part of the whole-office design, not an afterthought. Solutions from Nova Desk like storage units, file units and shelving keep the workplace clutter-free and encourage an overall organized approach to tasks. More efficient use of storage is particularly important in downsized offices where the first thing to be reduced is storage space.   
  • Save money on items other than furniture. At the bottom line, budget office furniture is no bargain. A marginal increase in furniture expenditures, on the other hand, can result in major savings over the long run. Ergonomic and efficient office furnishings from Nova Desk increase productivity, reduce sick days and complaints like back pain, and provide a permanent aesthetic lift to the office environment. 

From cutting edge technology to solid craftsmanship, Nova Solutions has supplied the working and learning environments with furniture solutions since 1988. Contact us for more information about optimizing your office setup.

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