What Does An Effective Classroom Look Like?

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Sep, 14, 2012 @ 10:09 AM

Classroom Learning EnvironmentClassroom effectiveness and learning outcomes are closely tied to the setup of the learning environment. To a great extent, environment determines how well or how poorly students may learn. Anyone who doesn't believe that atmosphere affects outcome might also wonder why fine dining restaurants don't have the garish colors and uncomfortable seating that fast food places do. 

In restaurants as well as other human environments, the setting creates both expectations and comfort/discomfort. Fast food places are all about fast, not about a nice dining experience with time for discussion, interaction and digestion. Learning environments must also be set up, in their own way, for the same goals of discussion, interaction and digestion. In this case we're talking about digestion of new ideas and knowledge. 

Creating an effective learning atmosphere brings out the best in teachers and students. Non-ergonomic, malfunctioning or inappropriate furniture detracts from learning. There will be lots of fidgeting in uncomfortable, too-hard or too-soft chairs and desks that don't adjust to the individual's needs and size. There will be instances of necks craning around computer equipment or hiding behind it, as the case may be. Attention will drift and frustration may develop. These are the enemies of learning.

You may not have the budget to remodel your building, instead consider cost-effective classroom furniture from Nova Solutions. Imagine students entering a room with clean lines and sturdy, comfortable furniture and see confidence and overall attitude improve. It's a world away from the disordered image of cords stretched across floors between rickety chairs. When computer monitors are hidden from view inside desks until needed, all attention will be on the instructor. When needed, the screens smoothly and automatically emerge from the desks, controlled by the teacher. Imagine everyone on the same page and participating in the learning experience as it happens. 

For an effective classroom, consider Nova Solutions' innovative Trolley™ E-Class and NovaLinked™ system or our Downview-Flat Panels. These high-tech desks and the network that controls the Trolley™ work together to create a successful classroom environment that motivates and supports both students and teachers. 

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