Nova Examines Poor Ergonomics: Bad For The Body, Bad For Business

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, Sep, 20, 2012 @ 10:09 AM

ErgonomicsRepetitive strain injury (RSI) cases in the workplace are all too common these days and the cost to businesses is very high, according to recent research from Microsoft.

RSI cases are up significantly over last year, resulting in many lost work hours for businesses and pain for the individuals affected. The majority of office employees recently surveyed reported suffering backaches, extreme shoulder discomfort and wrist/hand pain. Unfortunately, most employees don't report their RSI symptoms to management. As a result, not much action has been taken in offices to prevent RSIs or to correct poor ergonomics.

Technological advances and increasing workloads have contributed to the pain and other health problems. Studies show that one of the causes of the increase in RSIs is poor ergonomics -- businesses aren't replacing their existing office equipment with ergonomic hardware. 

Experts recommend ergonomic solutions for workers, most of whom use desktop computers every day. The number of injuries can be reduced with the right furniture solution. This hardware and furniture could reduce RSI risk, making workers more comfortable and productive. NOVA Solutions has developed some innovative options to help avoid RSIs related to computer use. 

The Trolley™ E-Class smoothly raises and lowers the computer screen as needed. This ensures that the desk is not crowded if the employee needs to use the desk surface for another activity. Easily moving and replacing of the computer screen also prevents awkward neck-craning around monitors if the employee needs to watch a demonstration or participate in a training class. A retrofit kit is also available so that the display-lifting mechanism can be used with existing office furnishings.

Another excellent solution is the Downview™ Flat-Panel. It allows employees to view an ergonomically placed computer monitor located below the desk surface. A tempered glass desktop reduces glare while allowing the display to be seen without neck-craning or glare. These solutions also work well if there are privacy concerns with information shown on-screen. 

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