The Right Office Furniture: A Valuable Asset In More Ways Than One

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Oct, 03, 2012 @ 09:10 AM

Office FurnitureOffice furniture matters to the employee, the employer, and even to customers and the bottom line. All of the above benefit from greater productivity and organization as well as higher worker satisfaction and morale. Downsizing of both facilities and staff actually only increases the need for an environment where workers are comfortable and work flows smoothly. Money spent on high-quality furniture, like Nova Solutions office line, produces a return on investment that exceeds the up-front cost and far surpasses budget furniture designed for generic applications.

Office furniture comprises many elements but necessarily centers on desks and chairs. For many workers, their desk is the office. It’s where work is done, decisions made and conferences held. It has to provide well-organized workspace and, where technology like computers and monitors are incorporated, should integrate functions smoothly into the desk.

Because a worker’s desk is also their own few square feet of private space in an open environment, it should be visually appealing and even offer opportunities for personalizing. 

Office chairs are ground zero of a sit-down job. They are also the source of most complaints. The importance of comfort and posture in an office chair can’t be underestimated. Many comfort complaints may be work-related medical issues in the making -- even cases like carpal tunnel syndrome may stem from chair issues. Other functions of the desk like monitor height and angle also depend upon a chair that can be simply and readily adjusted by the employee to fit their personal comfort of the moment, without waiting for a maintenance technician with a toolbox to do it.

Storage is perhaps the most overlooked element of office furniture. The “less is more” storage philosophy of the modern, open office -- sans the grim, gray cabinetry of the past -- only works if the storage that does exist is well thought out and designed for efficiency. Storage concepts must also be extended to include how technology like monitors and A/V equipment is stowed and deployed efficiently.

Nova Solutions offers a full line of technology furnishings. Contact us for more ideas to maximize your space with office furniture that works. 

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