Educause Statistics on Technology in the Classroom

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Wed, Sep, 26, 2012 @ 13:09 PM

desktIn an recent infographic published by Educause*, “the foremost community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education” per their website, it is said that technology has become an integral part to the learning experience, both that of students and teachers. In their findings, technology, especially computer-based aspects, has become essential to the learning environment. The graphic even goes on to state, “54% of students say they are more actively involved in courses that use technology.” That means that not only are we using technology more, but also that it’s working; students want to be engaged in an environment where tablets, computers, and other devices are being used to teach them the various parts of a lesson.

Now, with the ease at which content is being posted and used online, it is critical that students have computers at their fingertips in and out of the classroom environment. With just the aforementioned statistics alone, one can't deny the need of new and useful technologies in the classroom. Just the other day, Google introduced a course building applicationthat would allow anyone, not just teachers, professors, and instructors, to build and run an online course. Though still in a very basic mode, the idea and content behind this new application could be revolutionary. With access to this tool, even middle school and high school teachers could integrate an online presence to their daily lessons. More college professors are sure to adapt to a blended learning environment; in the Educause graphic, it states that 70% of students say they learn most in blended learning environments.

An article posted at Edudemic about the new Google tool even stated that universities like Stanford and UC San Diego are already looking into how this app will change their learning environments. The following is a video introducing the course building app:

As one can see, with the lastest statistics and apps, technology is a driving force in education. The more that instructors introduce and utilize new technologies in their classroom, the better their results will be with their students. 


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