Furniture Accessories: The Little Things Do Count

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Oct, 12, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Round Wire GrommetOnce you choose the right office or classroom furniture, you’ll probably feel as though a big weight has lifted off your shoulders. And it has! However, you’re not done yet. Don’t forget to consider furniture accessories. These are the little things that enhance convenience and ergonomics, ensuring the users have everything they need at hand to get their job done.

To decide what furniture accessories you’ll need, ask yourself who will be using the work space most often. What will they be doing? What will their daily tasks look like, and what supplies will they need to make their job easier?

Start with the most obvious requirements, like the keyboard. Sometimes it’s not feasible to keep the keyboard sitting out on the desk all the time. A common solution is to keep the keyboard on a retractable tray under the desktop. Since it’s at a lower height than the rest of the table, this can also be a great ergonomic solution, keeping the arms in a neutral position while typing.

Other common accessories include:

  • Organizing trays that fit in drawers, or are installed beneath the work surface. Trays that are kept out of sight preserve the streamlined look of the workstation, while keeping supplies like pens, sticky notes and tape close at hand.
  • Wire grommets. These fit snugly over any desktop holes that wires pass through, keeping them safely out of the way. Some open horizontally, others swivel shut, and still others are equipped with “star cut” openings that accommodate multiple cords.
  • Desktop data ports with outlets, USB ports, phone outlets and other power ports. Some are even equipped with surge protectors.
  • Wrist rests, to enhance ergonomics while working at the keyboard, keeping the wrist elevated in a safe, neutral position.
  • Desktop lamps and other lighting devices.

It can be difficult to anticipate all the furniture accessories you’ll need. Try walking a mile in the user’s shoes (or sitting an hour in their chair!) to get an idea of what will be the most helpful on a daily basis. You can always change things around in the future.

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