Get The Right A/V Lectern For The Job

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Oct, 10, 2012 @ 09:10 AM

Nova AV LecternChoosing an A/V lectern may seem like a simple, straightforward task, until you learn about the wide variety of options you have with NOVA Solutions. Not all lecterns are created equal. Some lecterns are no-frills, with space for a laptop and little else. Others come with enclosed compartments to conceal wires and electronic components, and space for multiple laptops and a projector.

In order to choose the right A/V lectern, you’ll need to consider a few things:

  • What purpose will the lectern fill immediately?
  • What purposes might the lectern be used for in the future?
  • Where will it be used?
  • What technology would you like the A/V lectern to work with?

If the lectern will stay in the same room, you probably don’t need one with a roller bottom. If you’ll be moving it between classrooms or board rooms often, you might want to consider one with rollers, which wouldn’t necessarily require multiple people to get it from here to there.

Will you be keeping technology at the A/V lectern itself? If so, go for a model with locking doors. There are also models with locking “modesty compartments” to hide wires and electronic modules from view. This is helpful if you have an interlinked computer network, such as the NOVALinked system, which uses multiple wiring devices. In this case, all the computers in the room could be linked to a station at the main lectern, allowing you to control them from a central location. Some lecterns even come with computers and monitors built right in. All components can be stored safely away when not in use -- the monitor lowers beneath the work space, and the keyboard slides safely away on a shelf.

While a no-frills lectern might fill your needs now, it might be beneficial to look ahead and ask whether you’ll ever need one to work with more technology. If so, you might save a little money in the long-term by choosing one with advanced features and more storage options.

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