iPads in the Classroom: A Classroom Technology Success Story

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Mon, Oct, 15, 2012 @ 13:10 PM

r IPAD 2 large570We love stories like this one! This school in Maine has decided that iPads were essential to the development of these kindergarteners. Not only does Superintendent Tom Morrill state that these great learning resources are "even more important than a book", his kindergarteners can prove it!


Audrey Watters, an education writer, writes that "iPads increased the kindergarteners' literacy scores". Watters goes on to state that the schools administration believes that "the improvements were part of a systemic effort that the Auburn School District has undertaken to boost students' literacy. It's also part of a larger effort... to create schools that motivate kids to learn."

When we expose our children to technology at a young age, they learn to appreciate and utilize these technologies more thoroughly than we could have ever imagined. These kindergarteners are being motivated to learn and to stretch beyond what past generations have ever experienced at such a young age. By providing these students with a world's worth of information at their fingertips, the administrators of Auburn have invested in the futures of their young students.

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