The Ultimate Office Wish List: Furniture Technology

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Oct, 19, 2012 @ 14:10 PM

Tolley E ClassIn today’s office, furniture technology begins with the principal component of the room, the office desk. More than simply a horizontal work surface, office furniture has to integrate technology while also contributing to the efficiency of the work done there. It must be made of robust materials that can handle heavy use yet also promote the aesthetics and design of the room. Intelligent wire management is required to eliminate the "mad scientist" appearance that an array of plugged in electronics can bring to an otherwise sane work space. There should be enough space to keep everyday items out of view and some part of the desk you can personalize with your own stuff. If the CPU for your computer is located at the desk, storage options that are purpose-built to keep it clean and provide adequate ventilation are a must.  

Options for office flat-panel displays have substantially evolved with Nova Solutions furniture technology like the Downview and Trolley E-Class. The Downview unit integrates a flat screen monitor below the surface of a workstation under a tempered glass view port. Angled at an ergonomic 35 degrees -- approximately the same position at which you’d read a book in your hands -- the user has full use of the work surface for writing or other paperwork. The monitor screen is in easy view with a slight downward glance. Meanwhile, the rest of the office is, too, because it’s no longer blocked by a desktop monitor that obscures frontal view -- nor is the outside of the desk cluttered with monitor power and data cables.

Nova Solutions' Trolley E-Class gives users the option of a conventional desktop flat screen or a monitor stowed inside the desk in a best-of-both-worlds configuration. The Trolley incorporates a powered lifting mechanism that deploys the monitor upwards from within the desk to a conventional viewing position. When it’s no longer necessary, at the press of a button, the monitor lowers into the workstation again and an access door closes, returning all desk real estate to the user and restoring full unobstructed view of the rest of the office.

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has supplied the furniture technology for today’s ultimate office.

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