The Right Ergonomic Classroom Furniture Can Make A Major Difference

Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, Oct, 23, 2012 @ 13:10 PM

Classroom FurnitureClassroom furniture is not office furniture or downsized industrial furniture. It’s a very specific category of furnishing, purpose-built to standards that differ from all other applications. The right classroom furniture is a vital component of an overall learning atmosphere that motivates and inspires. It not only aids students in performing to their full potential, it communicates a message to students that you expect effort and excellence.

A child is not only sized differently than adults, a child moves differently. While the prime goal of full-size furniture may be to keep an adult stationary for as long as possible, ergonomic classroom furniture will actually encourage movement and be flexible enough to allow children to change posture and position comfortably. School furniture must have inherent versatility to accommodate different teachers and teaching modes as well as changing curriculum from year to year.

All furniture in a classroom should be multipurpose and able to serve functions ranging from simple reading and note-taking to utilizing a laptop computer and conducting experiments. Single-purpose furniture, which goes unused or is “off limits” most of the time, is both a space-waster and not a contributor to learning. Ideally, all furniture in the room should be in use at least some portion of the day. It should be ergonomic for the students, while also sufficiently mobile to support the concept of the active classroom, where chairs, desks and tables are routinely rearranged to change the configuration of the learning experience.

Because the geometry of the learning space is changing, the shape of classroom furnishings is also being redefined. Thinking outside the box about classroom furniture means the traditional student desk may no longer be a box-like rectangle, but instead may be trapezoidal or semi-circular in design. Today's desk adapts to a collaborative configuration where individual desks are arranged in standard rows, then quickly shuffled and mated as pairs or joined together into small groups or semi-circles.

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has offered solutions for the challenges of the learning environment. From technology integration to durable craftsmanship, we have classroom furniture with the specifications to suit today's learning needs.

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