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Posted by Lauren Moffett on Wed, Oct, 24, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Steve JobsSteve Jobs has been described by many as a visionary, a brilliant man, and even a genius; all titles he, in his short lifetime, rightly earned. As a key player in the start of Apple Computers, NeXT, Pixar, and many other companies, Jobs cemented himself as the go-to guy for all things technology and design. He worked hard and had his hard work rewarded, ultimately, with such inventions as the iMac, iPod, and iPad. Each of these new products has revolutionized, not only technology, but business, personal computers, and education, as well.  

In the video that follows, I find it very interesting to see that Jobs’ main goal in creating NeXT* was to make technology more accessible to students. Watch, at about 2:15, Jobs shares his idea: 


In the video, Jobs explains the hope he has in his, then, future products. He hopes that technology would become accessible and affordable to college students everywhere. He wanted “simulated learning environments”; Jobs describes this by saying “you can’t give a student in physics a linear accelerator, you can’t give a student in biology a 5 million dollar recombinant DNA laboratory, but you can simulate those things”, and simulate those things, you now can. With the iPad, the world of possibilities is now open to, and not limited to, college students; not only are these students benefiting from this great technology, elementary school-aged children are, as well. IPads are changing the future of education because of their price, ease of use, and accessibility. 

Teachers who are able to use iPads in their classrooms are creating new lesson plans and creative content to capture the attentions and minds of their students. And it’s working. Grades are getting better, says Jeannetta Mitchell, a veteran teacher of 20 years. Students are more engaged in the content and are excited to utilize the tool in front of them. All of this, and more, is possible because of Jobs’ vision to create devices that could be accessible to anyone. 

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*NeXT was the company Jobs started when he resigned from Apple in 1985. NeXT went on to become an integral part of Apple Computers when Apple bought it in 1996. 

This post is a belated tribute to Steve Jobs and his vision that changed the world.

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