The Future of Education: A Compelling Look At Classroom Technology

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Tue, Nov, 06, 2012 @ 12:11 PM

Classroom TechnologyI stumbled across this video during my morning ritual of social media scavenging and it really struck a chord in my mind. The video, created by Ericsson, is a 20-minute documentary on modern education and the direction it needs to take in order to start changing the lives of its current and future students. If you’ve got 20-minutes, I really encourage you to watch it; it’s thought provoking, at the very least, and aptly depicts the dilemma that is plaguing our nation in the education arena.

(If you don’t have time, I’ll recap the main idea of the video below)

The current model of the education system is a dizzying one; this system has become a come all, fit some reality. It seems as though public education is stuck in a structure immured by past norms and needs, and is no longer catering to the individual and their needs. We process children in our schools like raw materials being assembled in a factory; all materials are the same and, thus, the outcome is the same: graduate high school, go to college, get a job, etc. This video examines that role that education should play in an individual’s life and the lengths at which educators, administrators, and students, alike, should go in order to achieve a system that understands that every single student is not the same.

Technology's Role in Education 

Companies such as Knewton and Coursera, who are both featured in the video, are exploring technology’s role in education by offering alternate content and methodology than what is presented the public arena currently. Knewton offers personalized learning tracts that mold to fit the need of a student, an idea that needs to be adopted in all aspects of education, while Coursera offers free higher education classes online. Along with companies, educators are looking to change the learning process by adopting new methods of teaching, as well as using new technologies. IPads and laptops are becoming increasingly popular tools that aid an instructor in engaging a student. These companies and educators are hoping to revolutionize education in America and are doing so little by little. 

As more and more people realize the need to change, education will develop into a successful system that encourages individuality and the use of new technology. But when will the change begin that will drive the education system well into the 21st century?

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