Take Control With NOVALinked Technology

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Nov, 05, 2012 @ 14:11 PM

CBT Classroom FurnitureComputers add an active participation component to conventional teaching methods. The learning process is enhanced by the requirement for the student to remain continuously active and involved. Technology furniture that is purpose-designed specifically for the presentation of CBT curriculum is an integral part of today’s professional learning environment. Nova Solutions offers NovaLinked furnishings in sizes to adapt to any training center or classroom configuration and in colors to enhance the design theme of the room. All furniture features individual workstations with surfaces made of high-quality thermo-fused laminates, wire management systems and dedicated power control strips.

Display options available on NovaLinked computer-based training furniture include a conventional surface-mount arm for flat panel monitors. This allows full vertical and lateral adjustment as well as tilt adjustment. For more complete, unified classroom control, Nova Solutions’ Trolley E-Class puts monitor control in the hands of the instructor. The Trolley features a powered lifting and lowering operation that raises the monitor from a completely stowed position below the surface of the workstation. Operated by a wireless tablet controller, this allows the teacher to control visual access to student’s monitors according to the immediate requirements of the curriculum. When a clear line of sight to the front of the room and the undivided attention of the students is required, the teacher can simply lower all monitors in the classroom to the stowed position with a single click on the controller.

Another Nova CBT innovation, the Downview unit, incorporates a computer monitor installed below the work surface of a Nova classroom workstation. The monitor is positioned below a flat, tempered glass viewport at a 35-degree angle, about the same ergonomically-correct attitude as reading a book. The student seated at the workstation can view the monitor recessed into the workstation while still maintaining full visual contact with the teacher at the head of the classroom and with other students.

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