Nova looks at Tablets: Get the Low-Down on What’s Hot in Education

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Wed, Nov, 14, 2012 @ 07:11 AM

Tablets are on the rise in education; schools are implementing them and seeing a rise in test scores, engagement, and excitement in the classroom. So, which tablets are the best for education? We’ve compiled a list of the best tablets out there, but how do they rank in the classroom? Read to find out: 

(We’ve listed them based on the score we gave each tablet’s usefulness in education)


Apple iPad 3Apple Mini

Price: $619 (with Wi-Fi, $710 for 4G)

Display Size, Resolution: 9.5”x7.31” Retina Display, 2048 x 1536

Storage: 32GB

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and 4G

Camera: Yes, 5 megapixel, 1080p video recording, Front and rear


Apple’s latest tablet, which touts a hefty 2048x1536 resolution retina display, is our clear winner. From ease-of-use, to practical uses, the iPad 3 is a fantastic device for real-world applications as well as the classroom. With all kinds of success stories already flooding the news, this tablet is changing technology in the classroom; from kindergarteners to college students, this is the tablet to pursue. A massive array of apps, as well as, a long-lasting battery, and great accessories all add to this great device. 


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Education Score: 9.5/10


Asus Google Nexus 7Asus Google

Price: $276

Display Size, Resolution: 7.81”4.72”, 1280x800

Storage: 32GB

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Camera: Yes, 1.2 megapixel front-facing


Released this year, the Nexus 7 is causing a big stir in the tablet markets. With its price in an unbelievably affordable range, and its access to Google’s 600,000+ Android App Market, the 7 is a great device for the classroom (websites like this one are solely devoted to android apps for education, alone). Though it only has one front-facing camera, we expect that this tablet could be a good fit for a classroom, and we can’t wait for what is to come with this great tablet.


Overall Score: 9/10

Education Score: 8.8/10


Asus Infinity

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

Price: $428

Display Size, Resolution: 10.3”x7.12”, 1920x1200

Storage: 32GB

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Camera: Yes, 2 megapixel front, 8 megapixel rear


This tablet is a solid choice for any classroom. It’s super fast and with its keyboard dock whuch makes it double as a touch-screen laptop, the tablet makes it easy to edit word documents, as well as spreadsheets. It’s also got an 8MP rear-facing camera, the highest quality camera on our list!


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Education Score: 8.5/10


Fujitsu Stylistic Q550Fujitsu

Price: $649

Display Size, Resolution: 10.83”x7.56”, 1280x800

Storage: 64GB

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Camera: Yes, 1.3 megapixel, front and rear


With this great review, the Fujitsu tablet would be a good choice for any school looking to update their technology for large, easy-to-use tablets. This tablet excels with handling documents and spreadsheets, as well as flash video and is easy to navigate; even middle schoolers love this tablet!


Overall Score: 7.5/10

Education Score: 7.5/10



Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Price: $550

Display Size, Resolution: 10.3”x7.1”, 1280x800

Storage: 32GB

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Camera: Yes, 1.9 megapixel front, 5 megapixel rear


This tablet is great because it comes with a built-in S pen stylus and, thanks to its integrated Wacom technology, it can detect even the slightest of strokes, making it a great tablet for drawing. You can even run two apps at once, side-by-side.



Overall Score: 7/10

Education Score: 7/10


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9”

Price: $369.00 (with special offers, $384.00 without)

Display Size, Resolution: 9.4”x6.4”, 1920x1200

Storage: 32GB internal storage (approximately 26.9GB available for user content)

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (4G coming soon)

Camera: Yes, front-facing


This is a great tablet, from price to the easy access of Amazon’s complete media library. But this tablet falls short on the education front; the tablet, itself, was created as a media-viewing device, and it’s just that. Furthermore, the Amazon app store is eons behind its iOS and Android equivalents, both of which offer a multitude of educational apps and e-textbooks.


Overall Score: 7/10

Education Score: 5/10


Obviously, with the extensive list of tablets out there, you really can’t go wrong. Tablets are the wave of the future, even out-selling laptops in the classroom. 

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