5 Ways to a Tech and Fun-Filled Classroom

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Mon, Nov, 26, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

Technology ClassroomIn today’s classroom, fighting for the attentions and the minds of our youth has become a losing battle. If you’re not using the latest technology and online resources, it seems that your efforts are all for not. Below is a list of tech-filled tips to use in your classroom to create fun and enriching activities that will keep the attentions of your students! 

  1. Online Educational Games – There are hundreds of sites dedicated to games to be integrated in your lesson plan. Sites like Funbrain, PlayKidsGames, and KnowledgeAdventure are only a few; each offers new, exciting games that are not only fun, they also challenge your student to think and to solve problems dealing with math and reading. You can even sort by grade! Make these sites a daily or weekly treat for your kids, while also encouraging them to learn! And be sure to check your app store for when you use your tablets in the classroom; the app store is over flowing with new, educational game apps.
  2. Take a Poll – Teachers, are you studying for a test? Do you want to know what your student’s answers would be for a prep question? Send out a poll! With the tablets you use in your classroom, use the eClicker Presenter app to take a poll with your whole class. This app wirelessly syncs all of the devices in your classroom so that the devices can contribute to the poll or question presented. It even tallies-up which answers your students have picked.
  3. Use Videos – Are your kids having trouble learning a new math formula? Are you studying for a big test? Look for a video that teaches them what you’ve been learning, just in a new way; with the use of Youtube, you can create a lesson plan to keep your kids engaged and learning. For example, say your kids are still having trouble with adding fractions with unlike denominators and you’re looking for something to try and make it click. Try a video! This video is a great example of how to do this! There are even sites dedicated just to educational videos; check out WatchKnowLearn.
  4. Create Videos – Have your students become instant digital storytellers by letting them use a video camera with their next school project or presentation. Have them assign roles (director, cinematographer, actors, etc.) and take them through the filmmaking process. Have them write a script and, after all of the footage is shot, show them how to edit the video together into a finished product. With the plethora of free video editing software out there (Microsoft Movie Maker, Apple iMovie, Wax), this would be an easy project to setup.
  5. Create A Classroom Facebook Page – Create a Facebook page for each class that you have. On the page post due dates, homework, questions, extra credit, anything! You can even post virtual badges for student’s achievements for the day! With this page, you can even keep parents informed of what’s going on in your classroom! Check out this post to help you set up your page. Before you get your students on-board, teach a lesson on proper online profile use; set up privacy settings and even explain that someday their future bosses will be looking at their profiles!
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