Think The Right Office Setup Is A Minor Thing? Think Again

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Nov, 28, 2012 @ 08:11 AM

Office SetupIn the reality of today’s economy, the primary factor in leasing office space is often simply price. Less attention is devoted to issues like the right office furniture and setup. These are often left up to managers and employees on-site to address through their own efforts.

Modernize Your Office

Outdated models such as executive offices around the perimeter with cubicles in the center aren’t necessarily the best configuration for collaboration. In fact, they are known to slow response times when such issues are critical, as in reacting in a timely way to a client’s request for an answer that requires consultation with more than one person. Collaboration today involves more than just a brief talk or information sharing. Problem-solving and mentoring are facilitated by the creation of open spaces in the office, by lowering the dividers between cubicles and having places such as break rooms and cafes accessible at all times for more than just eating lunch.  

When a small group needs to cluster to concentrate on a particular project that’s not pertinent to the rest of the office or to participate in a group conference call, however, the all-open office isn’t ideal. Small offices should be available that can be reserved for certain times when a closer, enclosed environment is called for. The right office setup should be permanently equipped with phone systems and furniture technology necessary to communicate or display information.

Flexible vs. Fixed

Generally speaking, flexible office spaces are more productive than a fixed layout.  A flexible office requires a workspace with components that can be quickly moved and configured to the immediate need. Design of these offices should not be based upon any particular hierarchy within the company -- expect that individuals may change roles or responsibilities within the company yet still remain in the same flexible office space. In addition, space should be reserved for those employees who aren’t in the office full time: Outside sales reps, part-timers and work-at-home staff should have some dedicated place in the office when they are on-site.

Since 1986, Nova Systems has manufactured the office and technology furniture to fit the needs of the flexible office of the future.

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