Are Tablets Replacing the Personal Computer?

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Fri, Nov, 30, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

iPad vs Personal Computer: The FactsHere at NOVA Solutions, we love to hear about the success of the iPad in day-to-day life, its uses in the workplace, and its practicality in the classroom. With its portability and easy-to-use interface, we're curious how the tablet measures up to the personal computer. Here are some stats on the tech-titan:


  • Use of desktop computers is down for 35% iPad owners since they bought the device
  • Use of laptops is also down since they bought an iPad at 39%
  • 87% of owners are using it every day of the week
  • 26% for half an hour to an hour per day
  • 32% for 1-2 hours per day
  • 24% for more than 2 hours a day.
  • 15 Million iPads Sold in 2010
  • The 15 million iPad number is more than the number of every tablet PC ever sold, combined
  • The iPad has captured more than 90% tablet market share
  • iPads have been responsible for $9.5 billion in revenue in 2010

Where do they use it?

  • 69% of respondents using it in the bedroom
  • 42% in the kitchen
  • 20% of men can’t be parted from it in the bathroom

What do they use the Apple iPad for?

  • Accessing the web – 75%
  • Emailing -63%
  • 53% of iPad owners say they use their device mainly for entertainment
  • Playing games – 48%
  • Social networking – 41%
  • Researching products and services – 29%
  • Reading books – 25%
  • Listening to music – 21%
  • Shopping – 19%
  • Reading magazines – 13%
  • For work – 13%
  • Watching TV – 11%

The Stats on Apps on the iPad

  • 16% have bought a branded app from a company
  • 84% of respondents would be very interested in an app from one of their favourite brands, if it was free and non-subscription.
  • Free apps are almost twice as popular among iPad consumers as paid-for (the average iPad has 18 free apps on it and 10 paid-for)
  • Buying an app is most strongly influenced by the app’s perceived usefulness at 64% of owners
  • Content is very important when buying the app at 47%
  • Price comes third at 44% when considering buying
  • Friend recommendations is important at 27%
  • 15% say that recommendations by industry experts are very important when making an app buying decision.

Based solely on the facts, the iPad wins over casual users in a battle with the personal computer. It's easy to carry around, easy-to-use, and fun to work with; if you're only going to surf the internet, check social media or shop online, it definitely wins this battle. But for productivity purposes, the laptop reigns supreme; use your mouse to change between Excel and Photoshop in an instant, with ease. Maybe someday this will change; maybe the iPad will have the capacity to run hefty software with multitasking capabilities.

Thanks to Jeff Bullas, and UnWiredView for the stats included in this list.

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