Choosing Your Office Desk: 6 Considerations To Keep In Mind

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Dec, 24, 2012 @ 09:12 AM

office furniture deskYour office desk is all about you. It’s your home base. It’s your work space as well as your private domain. While the selection of other office furniture must necessarily take into consideration the requirements of others, your desk has to meet yours. Give priority to your own work habits and preferences and ask yourself a few questions before choosing a new desk.

What’s it used for?

Is your desk more of a computer workstation than a paperwork space? Make sure the desk can incorporate computer equipment in a manner that reduces cable clutter and that it's compartmentalized to store computer components out of your way.

If your desk is primarily for administrative uses, you’ll want as much desktop real estate as possible to accommodate shuffling and sorting papers. Shelving and storage records and documents may also be an issue, so ancillary cabinet space is a plus as well.

Doing a little bit of everything at your desk, including holding meetings?  An L-shape or U-shape configuration allows you to restrict part of your desk to writing and administrative uses while still having an open area for conferencing with others. 

Working from home? A discreet computer armoire tones down the workplace ambience to fit the home environment. Choosing a larger L-shape desk, on the other hand, allows portions of it to be put to use for other household purposes. 

What materials work best for me?

A pressure laminate applied to wood combines affordability with durability and a wide range of grain patterns and colors. Metal or steel desks present a more  “industrial” appearance and are suited for heavy-duty use and long service life. Desks of solid wood or veneers are the most aesthetic of all choices, as well as the most expensive. Higher-end wooden desks generally don’t adapt well to the rigors of heavy use and, in ever-changing office arrangements, are less readily mobile than lighter, more resilient materials.

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