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Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Dec, 14, 2012 @ 09:12 AM

training furniture techToday’s marketplace dictates training flexibility and fast response times in getting staff up to speed on new products and procedures. Similarly, training furniture technology has to be up to the task. Corporate and educational training professionals require an environment that’s already apace with the technology required to educate efficiently. The purpose of training furniture is to substantially facilitate the learning process, while at the same time remaining unobtrusive and not interfering with the teaching process.

Modern training space furnishings should be flexible and able to morph from a lecture environment to a heavy computer-based curriculum almost instantly, while still remaining cost-effective to purchase and maintain. Nova Solutions offers furniture technology with visual display options that answer those challenges.

Trolley Monitor Lift

The Trolley provides a flat study station that incorporates a stowable computer monitor.  In retracted position, the monitor is concealed below the surface of the desktop and the writing/study area is open. Frontal view toward the trainer is unobstructed. With the touch of a button on a controller, the flat-screen monitor rises out of stowed position below the desktop to eye-level for computer work. An entire classroom of Trolley workstations can be linked so the instructor can raise or stow all monitors simultaneously as the lesson plan requires.

Downview Visual Display

Superior ergonomics aid the learning process. Nova’s Downview technology combines ergonomic benefits with enhanced desktop flexibility. The workstation integrates a flat-screen monitor below the desktop, visible through a thick, tempered glass view port. The monitor is angled at a comfortable 35-degree angle -- precisely the same angle you’d read a book in your hands -- instead of the more common eye-level position. All desktop space remains available for writing or study while information displayed on the monitor is visible in a quick, downward glance. Nova’s Downview technology now adds the option of wide-screen displays, as well.

Nova Solutions has met the changing challenges of workplace education since 1986. Contact us for more information about technology furniture to enhance the corporate training environment. 

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