Why Use iPads in Your Classroom?

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Fri, Dec, 21, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

Apple iPadThe trend of iPads in the classroom is not going away. It's a great tool and an even better learning resource. Check out the reasons why you should use iPads in your classroom. 

The iPad:

1.)   Supports a new space in your classroom: No longer are the days where classrooms are divided into computer lab and lecture spaces. Teachers understand that students need both spaces, working together, to create a complete, thorough lesson. IPads contribute to this combined space. Keep bulky desktop computers for getting in the way of these news spaces; invest in iPads.

2.)   Keeps every student engaged: Teachers’ attentions are spread between 30 students and, unfortunately, sometimes children fall into the cracks. Help alleviate this by using your iPads to customize your lesson plans for your students; let those who work fast work ahead while others learn at their own pace with the help of apps and web access.

3.)   Uses a minimal amount of cords: With the iPad, all you need is a charging cord. No need for the vast array of cables and cords associated with desktop computers. Just a hefty wifi connection is all you need to keep your classroom connected.

4.)   Makes your IT guys happy: iPads almost eliminate the need for IT setup and support. Because of the simple design of Apple’s interface, you only need to walk through the steps provided by Apple to solve a problem. Even better, students learn the ins and outs of the iPad, so they might know how to fix a problem faster than you do.

5.)   Keeps your lessons fresh: Use the latest apps to challenge your students while boosting your own ‘cred’ in the classroom to become the coolest teacher. Kids love games. You love when they’re learning. Why not combine the two? Search through the multitude of educational gaming apps to combine with your lesson plan. They’ll love the game and will not realize that they’re learning the concepts that you’ve just taught.

6.)   Takes the hassle out of battery charging: The iPad’s batteries last all day. You can even adjust the brightness of the screen to make the batteries last even longer. No more disruptions; remember when your laptop battery was about to die and you had to pause the class to rush to find the charging cord? That happens less with the iPad. Plus, the iPad starts with just a swipe of your finger; no need to pause class to wait for the device to turn on and boot up.

7.)   Takes the worry out of saving: Behind the scenes of your favorite apps, the magical technology is constantly saving your kids’ work so that they can always keep up. Even if you accidentally close an app, the app remembers where you were.

8.)   Makes in-school “field trips” fun: You can take these puppies out of the classroom; create in-school ‘field-trips’ by taking the tablets outside, or to a special place in your school. Visit your school’s auditorium while you are reading a play and use the iPad to record some of the scenes on stage. The uses are endless.

9.)   Creates any environment: Need a science lab? An art studio? A musical instrument? Use your iPad. It becomes a chameleon as it blends into any environment that you’re teaching in. It supports collaboration, as well as individual study

10.)   Adds to your student’s character: The iPad is a device that supports and encourages responsibility in the classroom. It can be used as a tool to teach, not only the subjects that you are covering in the classroom, but it can also teach the real-world values of maintaining your possessions and taking care of things. It teaches students to treat things with respect like no other object can in the classroom.

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