The Trolley E: Lifting Classroom Learning To A New Level

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Dec, 31, 2012 @ 09:12 AM

trolley e classThe classroom of today changes not only from day to day but from minute to minute. From conventional read-and-study curriculum to a lecture environment to computer-based training, furnishings must adapt as fast as the teachers and students. Transitioning among these modes could take valuable time and disrupt the instructional flow. The need to incorporate technology in learning, however, also offers the option to utilize technology to implement that process. The Trolley E from Nova Solutions is one example of the creative use of technology furniture design that both enhances the learning experience and facilitates the process.

The classroom desktop suffers from many claims on its territory. The need for a clear reading/writing space with visual access to a lecturer’s presentation competes with the requirement to have a computer monitor available at any moment. The Trolley E integrates a wide-screen flat panel display stowed inside the desktop, beneath a retractable access door. At the push of a button, the monitor rises out of the desktop to standard eye level and is immediately available for learning. A typical workstation also incorporates a slide-out keyboard drawer located immediately below the desktop. The package provides almost instant transition from read-and-study to computer-based learning with no action required by students.

In a classroom equipped with NOVALinked technology, all monitors are actuated by a single controller at the lectern or teacher’s desk. On command, all monitors can be deployed simultaneously, then later retracted into the stowed position. When the monitors disappear, the desktop reverts to a clear, uncluttered work space with unobstructed visual access to the front of the room. A monitor retracted into the desktop is also far less likely to be damaged during the course of the day and less vulnerable to vandalism, as well. 

Nova’s Trolley E-Class accommodates most major brands of wide-screen flat panel displays in sizes up to 20 inches. The system is available in all Nova classroom workstations and can be retrofitted into many other furniture options. 

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has set the pace for innovation in classroom technology furniture. Contact us for more information about the Trolley E-Class.

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