A Shift In College Classroom Furniture: Students Becoming The Teacher

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, Dec, 27, 2012 @ 13:12 PM

college classroomThe movement toward new college classroom furniture configurations is driven by rapidly shifting realities in instruction. Trends toward collaboration between disciplines, new technologies that alter the interaction between students and faculty and the increasing utilization of project-based instruction are all blazing a new landscape of classroom design. Techniques that emphasize group problem-solving as a learning method over the standard lecture format are putting students into the role of teachers, while instructors assume a facilitator function. Heavy use of technology is a common thread in these new environments.

A typical technology-enabled college classroom furniture layout might utilize round tables seating up to 10 students per table, divided into teams. Three or four laptops would be available at each table to make use of interactive digital media. One or more instructors would occupy a central workstation in the center or the room.

Featuring light, mobile furniture, these classrooms are media-intensive with a variety of presentation technology. It would not be uncommon to have projectors occupying all four walls of a classroom and upgraded electrical circuits to handle the extra load of electronics. Students can project work onto one screen or multiple displays for viewing by the entire class. The technology-enabled configuration generally requires about 50 percent more square footage than a conventional classroom. Many decision-makers justify the increased space requirement by upping utilization and allowing multiple departments and disciplines to share the spaces. 

Nova Solutions' furniture fits the innovative configurations of today’s college classrooms, from tables that incorporate all facets of computer-based training furniture in a conventional sit-down design, to full-featured workstations with the flexibility to support a range of technology in a single uncluttered, efficient unit. The Trolley E-Class technology furniture automatically deploys a flat-screen display from a stowed position inside the desk, while Nova’s Downview classroom furniture design integrates an ergonomically positioned monitor beneath the desktop, covered by a glass view port.

Nova Solutions has supplied answers to the challenges of modern education since 1988. Contact us for more information about college classroom furniture designed and engineered for the technology-enabled learning space.

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