Furniture Accessories: What To Look For When Selecting Keyboard Trays

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Jan, 07, 2013 @ 09:01 AM

keyboard trayFurniture accessories -- like a keyboard tray -- contribute greatly to the overall productivity of a workstation. Because the fingertips must remain on the keyboard at all times when working, the height and tilt setting of the keyboard tray influences all other aspects of the user’s posture and musculoskeletal alignment. When any one of the parameters of keyboard adjustment is out of synch with individual needs, the user’s neutral posture is disrupted and discomfort, lowered productivity and even repetitive injury may result. By the same token, utilization of furniture accessories like a well-designed, adjustable keyboard tray provide the user with a more comfortable, ergonomic workstation than a keyboard that is simply placed on a desktop. 

What To Look For

  • Keyboard trays that flex or are of flimsy construction frequently deflect slightly from the action of typing. This does not promote user comfort, productivity or typing accuracy. The tray should provide rigid support for the keyboard and offer a stable base for typing. Trays made of inexpensive plastic or thin particle board are generally not resilient enough for the volume of typing in an educational or office environment.
  • A palm rest incorporated into the tray design supports the palms during breaks from typing. This helps prevent circulatory problems that may result if the user rests the wrists on the keyboard, instead of the palms.  

Keyboard Tray Adjustment

A keyboard tray should place the keyboard at the optimal height, tilt and swivel to maintain the user’s neutral posture. The height of the keyboard tray should be slightly lower than the elbows in order to place the forearms in a 10-degree downward angle to the keyboard when typing. The keyboard should be tilted slightly so the surface of the keys are in line with the downward slope of the forearms. The left-right rotation or swivel of the keyboard tray should be set so the keyboard is exactly perpendicular to the extended forearms.

Nova Solutions offers full-featured keyboard trays of heavy-grade construction in widths up to 34 inches. Models with over 7 inches of height adjustment and 15 degrees of tilt are available for maximum flexibility and user comfort.

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